Collection: Pergola accessories

Pergola accessories

Side blinds - flexible protection and privacy

Discover our side blinds, the ideal solution to provide protection from the sun and wind while maintaining your privacy. Easy to use and versatile, these roller blinds allow you to quickly and efficiently adjust the conditions of your outdoor space.

Side slats - elegant privacy protection

Our side slats combine functionality with aesthetics and offer an elegant privacy screen that enhances your outdoor area. The adjustable slats allow you to determine the level of privacy and sun protection yourself.

Page element - stylish demarcation

The side element offers a stylish solution for delimiting your outdoor area. It is similar to the side slats, but is made of a rigid element that guarantees robust protection and lasting beauty.

Slat wall - flexible sun and privacy protection

With our slatted wall you can design your outdoor area flexibly and effectively protect yourself from the sun and prying eyes. The adjustable slats offer the perfect balance between protection and airiness.

Glass side panel - Clear protection with style

The glass siding is the perfect addition for anyone looking to protect their outdoor space from the elements without sacrificing a clear view. Elegant design meets practical functionality.

Radiant heaters - warmth and coziness

Extend the outdoor season with our heaters, which offer you and your guests warmth and comfort even on cooler evenings. Easy to install and efficient to use, they are a must-have for every pergola.

Rain sensor - intelligent weather protection

With our rain sensor you can automate the protection of your pergola. It detects rain and automatically activates the necessary protection mechanisms, so you no longer have to worry about the weather.

Speakers - music for your outdoor oasis

Incorporate music into your outdoor space with our speakers specifically designed for outdoor use. Perfect for creating atmosphere or enjoying your favorite songs.

Socket - power where you need it

Our weatherproof sockets expand the functionality of your pergola by giving you power exactly where you need it. Ideal for outdoor lighting, garden tools or consumer electronics.

Each accessory has been designed with unique text highlighting its features and benefits to help customers design their outdoor space to suit their individual needs. These texts are ideal for product descriptions on your website and help improve the user experience and support your customers' decision-making.